About our school

Kvarnby Folk High School

Our school eas founded in 1987, at that time the first folk high school in the city of Malmö. We are a centre of popular education and community activities. Our school offers community college classes, vocational training, courses in fine arts, history and politics, and, not least, Swedish courses.

As a folk high school, our teaching is characterized by a participative pedagogy, focus on dialogue and group-based learning. Our students have great opportunities to engage in and influence their studies. 


Our premises

  • Kvarnbyenheten, is situated just outside of Malmö’s district Husie. Take bus 37 directly to the school.

  • ABA-huset is situated between Ellstorp and Rosengård. The nearest bus stops are Kungsliljan (stadsbuss 6), Industrigatan (stadsbuss 33), Håkanstorp (Regionbuss 174) 

  • Serieskolan, the Comic Art School, is located at the cultural community center Mazetti in Möllevången. Get here by bus 34 or take any regional buses commuting between Värnhem and Södervärn in Malmö.

Kvarnby Folkhögskola

Kvarnbyvägen 68
212 36 Malmö

Tel: 040-602 87 00
Epost: info@kvarnby.se


Scheelegatan 7
212 28 Malmö

Tel: 040-602 87 00
Epost: info@kvarnby.se

Serieskolan / Mazetti

Friisgatan 15b
214 21 Malmö

Tel: 040-602 87 00
Epost: info@kvarnby.se