Swedish for everyone!

Everybody is welcome to study Swedish at Kvarnby Folk High School. We offer Swedish courses at different levels. You can study here without a Swedish social insurance number (personnummer). 
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SFI – Swedish tuition

If you have a residence permit and a Swedish personal number you are entitled to Swedish tuition for immigrants (SFI – Svenska för invandrare). You find more general information on Swedish tuition for immigrants at this site

Kvarnby Folk High School is an approved provider of Swedish tuition. Vi offer morning classes, 15 hours per week, in our premises at Scheelegatan 7 in Malmö.


Fees and study economy

Even if you do not hold a ”personnummer” you are welcome to study at our school. Vi offer Swedish classes for people who have applied for a residence permit i Sweden, refugees from the Ukraine and all other internationals who are residents of Sweden.

Our Swedish courses are intensive and follow the same schedule as SFI.


Advanced Swedish 

When you have passed the D-level of SFI you can study more advanced Swedish language courses. At Kvarnby Folk High School, we arrange Swedish language courses at level B2 designed for health care professionals and child care professionals.  

If you have have an academic education and have passed SFI course 3D, you  can apply for a study spot at our advanced Swedish language courses for academics. The goal is to reach an official high-school grade (betyg). The course for academics is versatile and a quick way to official Swedish grades for experienced learners.