Swedish tuition – SFI

Communicative Swedish

Kvarnby Folk High School is a small independent school. It is easy to get aquainted with everyone who works or studies here. 

You find our Swedish tuition classes at our premises at Scheelegatan 7 i Malmö. 

Vi offer a regular schedule of 15 hours of Swedish studies per week, in morning classes. You study in small groups and we will adapt your studies to your language proficiency level and your needs.

You can study the following courses here:

Study track 2 – 15 hours
Study track 2 is directed at students whose school background is less extensive than the equivalent of Swedish upper-secondary school. You study Swedish in our premises at Scheelegatan 7 in Malmö, 15 hours per week, in the morning.

Study track 2 – special support
If you are in need of special support, or having troubles attending to school regularily, we offer Swedish tuition in a less intensive study pace. You study 6 hours per week, in small groups, in the afternoon. 

Study track 3 – 15 hours
Study track 3 is for students who have experience of academic studies. You study Swedish in our premises at Scheelegatan 7 in Malmö, 15 hours per week, in the morning.

Study track 3 – intensive studies
The same course as above, in a more intensive study pace.  You study at morning and afternoon hours, 20 hours per week. 

More information can be found here.


If you are a resident of Sweden, living in Malmö or its vicinity, you can apply for a study spot at Kvarnby Folk High School. 

All applicants will be invited to a first call meeting. We will map your study background and will talk about your future stduies. When your aplication has been accepted, we will assist you with your application for study spot financing by your municipality of residence. 

Fees and study economy

We do not charge any fees for SFI. Your municipality of residence will finance your study spot. 

Course litterature will be provided by us. 

Unfortunatelt, your SFI studies will not entitle to study benefits or student discounts.


Beyond SFI

When you have passed your SFI-studies, you can study at more advanced level.  Vi offer classes in Swedish for health care workers and child care workers..  

If you have an academic background, you can study Swedish for international academics.